White Henna

Hey everyone! So lets talk about white henna, there is no such thing! White henna is just body paint, it doesn’t stain or bleach the skin. Another name for it is Henna Glam. It lays on top of the skin, dries, and it stays there. It’s waterproof so it will last through washing your hands and showering. But it will fake off after 1-4 days whereas natural henna stains the skin for 2 weeks. So it’s mainly good for day of events, and for people who don’t want it on their skin for two weeks. Picture dried paint on your skin, that’s what it feels like. I personally like it because I like that it flakes off sooner so my hands can free up for other designs. The technique is a lot different then using henna, your touch and pressure has to be a lot lighter because the consistently is thinner and more liquid. The thinner lines stay on longer than thicker lines too, so in a way it’s opposite from henna where you would use thicker lines to make the stain stand out. It is safe for your skin and you can find it at HennaCaravan’s website. Good luck! Hope this helps!
-Anjum xoxo

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