White Henna + Metallic Tattoo Demo

In my previous video ‘Mega Jagua Review’ I spoke a little about how I wanted to experiment with Henna and Metallic Tattoos. Well this is the next best thing! Ever since the first time I saw it last year on instagram, I’ve been looking to try out “White Henna”. There has only recently, been more information about it and people trying to formulate skin safe “white henna”. Just in case you don’t already know, white henna is actually white body paint. People only call it white henna because it’s white in color and is applied in designs that mimic henna designs. Real Henna is made from the dried leaves of the henna plant that naturally dyes your skin a red/reddish-brown color. I hope that you enjoy this video and if you do, don’t forget to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe 🙂

The 2 products I used in this video were:

Henna Glam from Henna Caravan

Metallic Tattoos from Fresh Jagua


Song in video by Mihrajan Tasawuq

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