This 60-Second White Henna Video Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

Henna is a plant that produces a reddish-brown dye that stains the body, hair, and fabric. Henna “tattoos” are not permanent, but they do temporarily stain the skin; they’re used to celebrate nuptials in India and are even a coming-of-age symbol in Pakistan. These designs are not only eye-catching to sport, but the application process is also totally mesmerizing to watch. White henna has become a popular topic on Pinterest, but if you know anything about henna, you know that “white henna” doesn’t actually exist! Henna dye is red, so most of the time, people use body paint to create the look, which ends up washing off at the end of the day. (Whiteout is another popular option, but it’s not safe to use on the skin.) Check out the ceremonial technique, and let us know if you grew up with this tradition in the comments below. Henna application by Fariha Ali.

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