Metallic Tattoo + White Henna #2 || GIVEAWAY WINNER in Discription

Here is another Metallic Tattoo + White henna video. I like to do this combo because it fast and fun to do and doesn’t last too long. The products that I used in this video are listed below and so is the winner of my 50th video Giveaway. Thank you for watching!

*Note: In the video where I say that ‘ “white henna” is just white body paint’ I meant to say that some people just use white body paint to achieve the “white henna” look, but once it comes into contact with water it will be washed off immediately. But as for the product Henna Glam, that I used in my video, it is made with water and acrylic based ingredients, adhesives and pigments, all FDA compliant for skin. So Henna Glam is water resistant and lasts longer than just body paint on it’s own.


chloe vogel

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