Henna Putih Pengantin Simple dan Cantik (white henna is simple and beutiful)

Black And White VS Colored Custom Design Tattoos

When choosing the individual tattoo design, the choice of color theme seems to be the most difficult aspect of the process. Monochromatic black and white tattoos look just as good as colored ones, and if you are in between these two options, reading this article will help you make the final decision.

Why are black and white tattoos attractive?

The first tattoos were done with black ink. This ancient form of tattooing uses black ink to highlight the natural skin tone. Some designs contain light colors, such as white or gray, to create more vivid effects.

There are different sources of black ink. These include gunpowder jet, round wood, magnetite crystals, bone black, and wustite. More popular is the natural black ink used for henna tattoos.

The good thing about black and white tattoos is their durability. Compared to colored tattoos, black tattoos do not fade as easily, even if they are frequently cleaned or damaged by the sun. Although the fine lines and design details fade over time, the overall impression remains the same. In fact, many black tattoos are considered permanent. This feature is only present in pure black designs.

Probably the most interesting thing is the price. Custom black and white tattoo designs are relatively cheaper. Since only one ink is used, they are not expensive. If you want an excellent and durable tattoo design at a low price, black and white tattoos are a gift from heaven.

Custom color tattoo designs are popular

Many tattoo enthusiasts opt for color tattoos. This type of tattoo can vary from three color tattoos to full-color tattoos. It is not impossible to create a design that consists of the entire spectrum of colors. There are many techniques available that allow the artists to recreate any part of the colored circle. Full-color tattoos open up endless possibilities.

Compared to black and white tattoos, color tattoos can look more attractive. The bright colors of the tattoo make them stand out. There are many artists who create wonderful and realistic individual tattoo designs. It is never impossible to apply them all on the skin, as tattooists have many high-tech types of equipment. Different styles and techniques offer additional effects for the final result.

In spite of their aesthetic superiority, full-color tattoos are not free from defects. In fact, there are some tattoo enthusiasts who do not approve of colored tattoos. Although rare, this type of tattoo can cause allergies. How does this happen? This is due to the wide variety of compounds contained in the ink. Compared to black ink, colored tattoos can contain up to twenty different compounds to produce excellent color. Because it is a mixture of different chemicals, the risk of a reaction is possible.

Full-color tattoos are also prone to discoloration. Excessive cleaning and the use of chemicals from outside, as well as excessive sunlight, often affect the color of tattoos. In most cases, you will have to visit your artist to retouch or maintain your colored tattoo. Artists who create colored designs often give their clients aftercare instructions. Following these instructions will ensure that your tattoo will have a long life.

Henna Putih Pengantin Simple dan Cantik (white henna is simple and beutiful)

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