Temporary Tattoo II

The Original DIY Tattoo Tutorial ^_^

*Note* This will not last as long as the other DIY. Longest wear using the products described is less than 2 days. However the first two steps are perfect for those who aren’t very good at drawing. From there, you can use henna, Temptu ink, etc. for longer lasting temporary tattoos 🙂 *

Hi Hunnies, this is a less expensive method to a DIY Temporary Tattoo. I noticed my hunnies had difficulty drawing as well so this alternative is very helpful. I hope you enjoy.

Transfer paper
Eyeliner pencil (to draw in figure)
Waterproof eyeliner (comes in different colors)
Band Aid Spray
Finishing powder
*If you’ll use henna or Temptu ink then disregard products above and only use transfer paper and eyeliner pencil to help you draw your image first. ~Peace & Love

HYPETRAK Mix: Ta-ku ‘Drive Slow Homie Pt II’
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