Stunning Mehndi Tattoo Designs For Your Feet

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When we talk about henna designs, not only do our hands need to look attractive, but also our feet. Some people use mehndi design for legs as a temporary tattoo, to make their feet look pretty. If we go by numbers, uses of mehndi tattoos are cool ideas even in western countries. From Hollywood celebrities, to the common man, everyone loves to adorn their feet with these lovely mehndi designs.

Mehndi in Popular Usage:-
Mehndi is not just considered as auspicious and attractive but also has few medicinal values. Applying mehndi on feet will fight against the germs and bacteria that crawl in your nails and instep. Designing mehendi on to your heel will also help you fight the minor heel cracks. But make sure you use the natural mehndi or a good quality product.

A temporary mehndi tattoo design is always a better option compared to a permanent tattoo, the reason being that, one can change the motifs according to their choice. The touch of glitter to mehndi design for legs increases the glam quotient of the pattern.
Some popular leg mehndi designs are the butterfly, the anklet design, drawings of peacocks, flowers and leaves. Indian tattoos are generally drawn freehand without worrying too much about the intricacy factor. These tattoos are simple mehndi designs for legs, when compared to the more detailed designs that are incorporated for bridal mehndi. These tattoos look extremely elegant and are easy mehndi designs for legs.

The vibrant shades of mehndi add charm to the delicate patterns drawn on the feet. These temporary tattoos are very common among the younger generation. They love to show off these pretty designs in order to look trendy.
Mehndi designs for legs are quite different when compared to hands. Mehndi designs for foot are simple, but appealing. The design patterns can be of flowers, flower creepers, peacocks, chain patterns or any other abstract shapes and patterns.
The intricacy of the patterns enhances the beauty of both the hands and the feet. Mehndi is an age old tradition and is popular in India, Pakistan and in 
Arabic Countries like Saudi Arabia Dubai, etc. Application of  Mehndi on hands, feet and legs is done on special occasions like weddings, parties and festivals. In India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Muslim Women apply Mehndi during Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha 

Creating Mehndi Designs or Patterns on the Bride’s Hands, Feet/ 
and Legs is customary in India, Pakistan and Also in Saudi Arabia and other Arabic Countries. A bride’s makeup is incomplete without applying Mehndi on the feet and Hands. Foot mehndi is given a lot of emphasis too when it comes to decorating the feet of the bride.

Mehandi cones are used to apply the henna paste onto the hands and feet. The expertise and speed with which the Mehendi artists apply henna, is a fascinating sight to see. Within a few minutes one can see a beautiful design taking shape on the feet or hands. 

Mehendi designs for feet: 

Mehndi foot designs include floral patterns with a net like design in the middle give a simple yet attractive look. The patterns start from your toes, go around to your ankle and up to your leg. The minute details and intricacies make the design look extremely decorative and subtle. 

Another exquisite design filled with beautiful flowers and intricate curves starting from your toes and running up your feet and along your calf, is the kind of design that is generally preferred   by many brides. These tattoos look unique and alluring. Watch the video in which you will see Mehendi foot designs being applied with grace and style. How about trying out some of these patterns on your feet? 
If you want others to be envious of you feet, then go ahead and try this magical design!

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