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Tattoos – An Art Through the Ages

Tattooers make a permanent mark on the skin by inserting ink between the dermis and the epidermis. Today a tattoo is often sought after for decorative purposes.

Although we tend to consider the tattoo a modern phenomenon, the tattoo has existed since prehistoric times. In the last 150 years, several human remains have been discovered with a tattoo.

A 5000-year-old Siberian was discovered in the Alps in 1991 and his body had 57 tattoos. In the late 19th century, the mummified body of an Egyptian priestess was discovered by archaeologists who determined that she probably lived around 2000 BC. They found that she had been tattooed on her arms, legs, and below her navel.

Scientists in Japan also found clay figures painted with markings that looked like a tattoo and were more than 3000 years old. It is important to note that these discoveries came from all over the world and demonstrate the ubiquity and importance of the tattoo in many cultures.

In modern times, the tattoo has been presented in the popular culture of the 20th century. Films such as Pirates of the Caribbean showed swashbuckling pirates adorned with more than one tattoo. Recently, on VH1’s reality TV show Rock of Love, a contestant had the name of her lover tattooed on her arm when she was in a drunken state. Unfortunately, she was not chosen by rock ‘n roll star Brett Michaels and had to endure the embarrassment of having her name permanently tattooed on her body.

These stories illustrate some of the negative connotations that society attributes to the tattoo. Since the 1960s, mainstream America has associated tattooing with countercultural groups such as bands, bikers, and rock ‘n roll band members. Followers and members of these groups are stereotypically associated with violence, drugs, and lewd behavior.

However, in the last ten years, public opinion about tattooing has changed. Tattoos now appear among professionals, parents, and wealthy teenagers.

Some sociologists consider the increase (and subsequent acceptance) of tattooing to be part of a pattern of rebellious behavior. In the 1960s, baby boomers grew their hair long. When that happened in the 1980s and 1990s, piercings became increasingly common. Sociologists suspect that adolescents when adults adopted many of these cosmetic changes, felt that the last resort to rebel was a permanent change of the body with shock effects. Ultimately, however, this was also socially accepted, as people in the suburbs became increasingly accustomed to the sight of a tattoo.

In fact, an online survey conducted in 2008 estimated that 14% of adults in America had a tattoo. Nine percent of people ages 18-24 had a tattoo, nearly two percent of people ages 25-29 had a tattoo, and 25 percent of people ages 30-39 reported having a tattoo.

If you want to experiment with ink decorating, but are not ready for permanent body art, try a temporary tattoo. They last from a few days to a few weeks and are usually transferred to the skin with water. A temporary tattoo with a vegetable bucket can look like a permanent tattoo.

If you decide to get a permanent tattoo, you can see the designs online. Some websites offer thousands of tattoo designs. You can also get one with words that reflect a relationship that is spiritual, personal, or emotional.

Skin Whitening Secret Formula – DIY Skin Lightening Bleach at home!

This whitening formula is super easy and very inexpensive… And it works like crazy! It helps lighten dark skin and other skin problems like dark underarms and inner thigh. You can also use this treatment to whiten your whole body like celebrity flawless skin. Try it at home!

This DIY skin whitening bleach at home works like ala Maldita bleach.. but a disclaimer this is not the same as the maldita bleach.

It also works how to bleach skin, face, and body. This homemade DIY bleaching cream for skin helps lighten melasma, dark knees, dark elbow, blemishes, acne scars, and skin discoloration.

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