Outstanding Traditional Henna Designs For Stylish Girls | Latest Mehndi Design For Legs

Henna Temporary Tattoos

The henna tattoo design has always existed, but since the end of February, there has been a real increase in popularity. And now, in the heat of summer, temporary henna tattoos are in fashion. Whether it is the classic painted henna designs or the modern transfer tattoos, temporary henna body tattoos are enjoying growing popularity.

Many people have tweeted photos of henna tattoos, and they are an integral part of the micro-blogosphere. In recent months there has been an increase in the number of mentions and discussions about temporary henna tattoos.

In part, this increase in popularity is due to the season: It is summer, and shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops mean more skin to wear for temporary tattoos. But this surge in popularity goes beyond what we expected for the season. The increase in mentions, conversations, and requests for henna tattoos indicates a real trend; a trend that is due to the updating of temporary tattoos as fashion accessories.

It all started with the fashion shows in the fall, where Chanel presented their temporary skin art line Les Trompe. These designs were launched in February, and other designers and retailers followed suit. Henna tattoos have become fashionable along with these other designs because the style is so similar.

In June, temporary body tattoos were shown on models at the Paris Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer show for men, just like Chanel did in the fall. As temporary tattoos become more and more popular in the fashion world, henna temporary tattoos will continue to gain popularity.

Transferred henna tattoos are probably the easiest way to wear this design. You can do it yourself and it is easy and quick to apply. Besides, henna transfer tattoos are very cheap. Henna’s design is great for fashion because it imitates Chanel and Louis Vuitton’s temporary body tattoos.

Henna transfer tattoos look great around the ankle, thigh, wrist, arm, or neck. They fit almost any look and usually last 3-5 days. Simple, cheap, and trendy: These features make Henna Transfer Tattoo an excellent fashion accessory!

Outstanding Traditional Henna Designs For Stylish Girls | Latest Mehndi Design For Legs

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