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Tips and Tricks on Applying Feet Mehndi Effectively

Today, almost everyone wants to be different from the people around them, and this desire becomes even clearer when a party or wedding is just around the corner. One part of the body that needs to be cared for and beautified if you want to look good for a ceremony is your feet. Having a pretty face and hands, but not worrying about your feet would reflect badly on you.

So why not opt for simple Mehndi designs that will help you beautify your feet on one occasion? Two main versions of henna dominate the scenes, white henna, and black Mehndi, and both are widely used to beautify women’s feet. Indian Mehndi, Pakistani Mehndi, and Arabian Mehndi are three of the most prominent styles and designs found there in terms of henna usage.

Not sure how to apply henna beautifully? Don’t bother, because this article will teach you how to make henna. First, you must have the henna ready for application. You can buy ready-made henna or you can make your own henna using natural products.

If you decide to make your own henna, find some henna leaves and grind them into powder. The next step would be to mix the ground henna powder, jasmine oil, and boiling water in a non-staining container or a container that can be discarded after use. Adding a little lime or lemon juice should help keep the mixture fresh longer.

If you want, you can add other things like coffee and powdered tea, this will help darken the henna. Just mix all the ingredients together until the mixture looks a bit like toothpaste. When the mixture is ready, close the container with a lid and store it in a dry place, not hot, probably for at least a few hours.

Applying henna to the feet has become extremely easy, even for beginners, thanks to the existence of numerous Mehndi books that give a nice guide to henna. The easiest and cheapest method of applying henna to the feet is to use toothpicks, but you also have the option of buying ready-made insoles that could make it easier for you to apply henna.

Once you have chosen the pattern you want to paint on your feet, apply the pattern to your feet, and wait about three hours for the henna to dry on your skin. After three hours you can still peel the dried henna from the surface of your skin and now you can enjoy your new Mehndi motif on your feet!

Mehndi Designs for Legs |Simple Mehndi Design for Feet |Mehandi Designs

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