Khadija’s Secret Henna BAQ Paste | Easy Pro Recipe

Finally released! My new and updated 2017 henna BAQ pro recipe. Very easy to make and my henna secrets will be revealed.

What you’ll need:

bowl (glass or stainless steel),
spatula or spoon,
optional, stick blender or KitchenAid mixer,
sugar (of your choice such as fructose or molasses),
distilled water,
lemon juice,
Supreme Blend henna powder,
Red Raj Bliss Blend essential oil.

This recipe can be mixed by hand so don’t worry too much if you don’t have a KitchenAid mixer. Some people even use stick blenders.

Just have fun experimenting and taking tips from each artist to create your own unique methods and recipe.

Need supplies? We got you covered at

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