Jagua temporary tattoo with stencil – Henna City

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In case you thought you had to be an artistic genius in order to do jagua tattoos, you couldn’t be further from the truth; pretty much if you can trace you can do jagua tattoos.

In this video our artist Kaleb Caldwell used a stencil to create this awesome design. Of course he could have freehanded it but we wanted to show you guys how easy it is to create your own jagua tattoos.

And just so that you know, all of our kits come with four sheets of stencils transfers for a total of forty designs. And if that’s not enough you can print your own stencils at home using an HP Laserjet printer. You could even use a pen, paper and a deodorant stick to create a stencil, just follow the instructions in the article at the link below.


Hope you like the video.

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