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Good personal hygiene is essential to promoting good health. So In This video I am answering all the private female parts queries,sharing easy Vagina Hacks.
How To Lighten Private parts, How To Lighten inner Thighs,how to lighten vagina,How to treat smelly vagina,How to get rid of vaginal discharge & odour. And many more personal hygiene tips & everything you need to know about keeping your private body parts healthy .
I am Answering all your questions in this video.
Female Problem:
How to lighten vagina?
How To treat Smelly Vagina?
how to lighten private parts?
Personnel Hygiene 101?

Reasons For Skin Darkening In private Parts
Hair Removal Techniques
Ingrown Hair

How To Avoid Smelly Vagina:

Wash Vagina Daily with Lukewarm warm .
Use Fresh Pads.
Use Natural Personnel Hygiene Products
Exfoliate-Loofa or body scrub.

These remedies will help you remove dark areas on inner thighs.
Signs Of Infected Vagina & natural remedies for vaginal problems.

Home Remedies For Personnel Care of private body parts.
I am also sharing few home remedies for How to make homemade vaginal wash at home easily.

Lemon Juice
Aloe vera Gel
Natural set Yogurt

Homemade Vagina Wash:

2 TBS Potato + 2TBS Tomato + 2TBS Water+ Few Drops honey

To Lighten Dark Private Parts:

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Rose Water

4TBS lemon juice + 1 bowl water + coconut Oil

Extra Personnel care Tips:
Airy Vagina (Let Your Vagina Breath)
Wear Cotton Inner wears
Drink Warm Turmeric Milk
Fresh Fruits & Fruit Juices
Drink Lot Of Water

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