How I make | Curly Proverbz DIY Hair Growth Oil | part 1

It’s Patrice D’Evans here again y’all. Thank you for all of your complements and for Subscribing, liking, commenting and sharing.

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Here is how I make @curlyproverbz DIY hair growth oil and I add my twist to it. I will probably add more base oils to it once I get it in the final container. I love this oil!!!!! I will post part 2 when the oil has infused overnight either one night or I might let it go two nights.
Love y’all in our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy hair journey and remember to bring God and prayer into your journey. 😊

Please consult your doctor for this or any remedies for hair growth. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients please stop using them immediately and consult your physician. This video is just what I have decided to do for my journey and it works for me so far

Here are the ingredients for Curly Proverbz hair growth oil :
Base oils –
Grape seed oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Coconut oil

Herbs ( Ayurvedic)
Henna -quality art preferred
Rose powder
Aloe Vera
Fenugreek powder ( or capsules )

vitamin C

Essential oils –
Jamaican black castor oil
Tea tree
I added this:
Sesame oil
Biotin ( liquid)
Flax seed oil
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