Henna Mix For Natural Hair – How To Get The Best Results

Henna mix for robust natural hair color along with healthier conditioned hair.

A henna mix for natural hair begins with using the best grade of henna along with the right ingredients. Your hair will become a robust auburn color. Along with healthier conditioned hair if henna is mixed correctly before application. This means your hair will retain a proper moisture balance stopping the signs of breakage. In this post, we are going to focus on what to look for in quality henna. Also, getting the best henna stain for your hair.

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What To Look For In The Best Henna For Hair Color.
The best henna for hair color will have these essential qualities:
1. Henna should have high natural dye content.

The leaves will contain close to 3% of the Lawsone. (Red-orange dye found in henna leaves)
2) It will be finely ground, sifted, and cleaned.

Dirt and Twigs are removed. The leaves are milled and sifted several times. This will make henna easy to rinse out of the hair.
3) It contains only dried henna leaves.

The best henna only contains 100% pure henna. Beware – additives are frequently not listed on the henna bags. Since it is considered a herb, the importers from other countries are not required to label packages. This is according to FDA guidelines.
As always, the best henna is sent to an independent laboratory and is tested for quality.

More Information On How to Use Henna For Hair Can Be Found Here: https://bit.ly/3bUgdzP

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