DIY | How to make natual henna paste at home & fill henna cone

Hey guys, today I have for you the most requested video about how to make your own henna paste. It is fairly easy to make and you will achieve great results.
Beginner’s Henna kit I bought from @shahdhillonhennadesigns on Instagram. You can also buy henna powders and essential oils from and ks henna.
You can use any good quality powders including rajhastani, Jamila and sojat.
You can also use a range of essential oils including eucalyptus, cajeput and lavender.

1/4 CUP (25g) henna powder
2 teaspoons essential oil
2 tsp sugar (optional)
Water or lemon juice

1. Add henna powder (and sugar) into a bowl and add lemon juice (or water) gradually – you should only need a little until you get a lumpy toothpaste consistency – keep stirring
2. Add your essential oil – Stir in and keep stirring until your paste goes smooth (don’t worry about small little bumps for now as these will dissolve).
3. Leave your paste at room temperature for 5 – 6 hours if using water or 24 hours if using lemon for dye to be released. You will know if dye has released because the henna mix will be darker on top (sort like a stain).
4. Give henna paste a final stir to remove any lumps and then test using the drop method. * drop method – get a big blob of the paste on a spoon and let it drop off the spoon count 3 – 4 seconds if it is quicker than 4 seconds, your paste is too runny, if it takes longer its too thick. (adjust as necessary by adding more powder or more water).
5. strain henna paste (optional) but will give your paste a smoother finer texture free of any lumps and bumps. use a thing tight like sock and pull the paste through the sock into the carrot bag. It will take a little force but it will slide out of the sock.
6. Fill carrot piping bag with henna paste mixture and cut the tip then pipe henna cones with the paste. Push all the paste to the bottom and seal the end of ones securely.
7. 5 minute spot test and final check of consistency
8. store your cones in the freezer if your not going to use them within 2 days. They will last around 6 months in freezer.

Thank you so much for watching. If this video has helped you please comment and give a thumbs up! Your support means a lot to me.

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