Women decorate hands with henna ahead of Eid

(30 Aug 2017) LEADIN:
Ahead of the upcoming Eid celebrations, women in Yemen are decorating their hands with henna patterns.
This woman is hving her hands painted with henna.
Decorating the hands and feet with henna is one of the most popular traditions for Yemeni women, especially ahead of festivals like Eid and weddings.
Henna starts as a powder and then becomes a dark paste with addition of water.
The powder comes from grinding the leaves of the Henna tree mixed with oils which can be applied to the skin or hair.
After a short time it leaves a temporary stain on the skin or colours the hair.
Yemeni henna artist Norua Abdel Aliam says henna use has become more decorative.
“Usually women colour their hands with henna before Eid and it has changed to be a tradition of decorating with them henna,” she says.
Henna seller Taha Mohamed says henna is very popular in Yemen.
“All of the women decorate with henna ahead of Eid. The henna has two colours; red and black and it is good for the body.”

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