Very Easy Henna design for hands | latest mehndi design 2019 | Back hand mehndi design

The Henna Tattoo_Mehndi…Still Beautiful Through the Centuries!

Celebrations over the centuries have always played an important role in the splendor of Mehndi. Special occasions such as engagements, weddings, baby showers, births, and various other occasions have had henna as one of their main ingredients for celebration. Henna tattooing is also the main actor on religious and ceremonial days like Eid and Tsar, the days when henna is applied before the wedding to all the friends and relatives of the bride and groom in their respective places.

Hina, a flowering plant, has been used since ancient times to dye various parts of the body. This is a temporary tattooing procedure. A Hina tattoo is used as a temporary decoration in various ceremonies. The erotic designs and arts used by the artists during the tattooing have a truly divine effect and give beauty to the tattooer.

As chemical keratin is present in large quantities on the palms of the hands and feet, the Mehndi tattoo drawn on it will have a darker color. In the past, henna was mainly used to anoint the bride and enhance her beauty with the erotic design of the tattoo. It is inaccurate to refer to such designs as a henna tattoo; because tattoos are permanently etched into the skin. However, such tattoos are nothing more than patterns on the surface of the skin, which can be easily removed by washing them off for a longer period of time.

The paste is poured into a cone to obtain an exact pattern on the skin. This type of tattoo is an immanent art; it has an erotic character and is intoxicating to look at when completed. The pattern is covered with a thin fabric to retain moisture overnight. The final reddish color enhances the beauty of the tattoo and can last from a few weeks to several months.

This type of body art has existed in the Orient since ancient times. Brides before weddings are decorated with Mehndi, as it is known in the East. In some communities, the groom also gets a henna tattoo. There is also a ritual before the wedding, called the Mehndi ceremony, where friends and relatives gather to get elaborate henna tattoos. Both the bride and the groom celebrate this elaborate event at the bride’s house or, as is now the custom, at the place of entertainment. Here, in the midst of the ceremonial celebrations, a professional artist draws beautiful patterns in which the name of the bride and groom are inseparably woven into the design and artistically hidden.

These special tattoos are said to have divine blessings and therefore are used in religious ceremonies to bring happiness and joy to both the bride and groom. There are no side effects when natural henna is used to anoint the hands and feet. Although government authorities have not given their seal of approval for it to be applied directly on the skin, it is unconditionally approved as a hair dye.

So feel free to get a henna tattoo, because it is temporary and can be removed if you don’t want it later. Also, no matter what you do, it is not permanent and will wear off over time during daily use.

Very Easy Henna design for hands | latest mehndi design 2019 | Backhand mehndi design

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