stylish simple mehndi henna designs for hands for beginners:mehndi designs for hands

Henna Tattoos For a Special Moment

Henna tattoos were used thousands of years ago by people in Africa, the Middle East, and India. It is a beautiful and mysterious art that uses the henna plant to paint people’s bodies. Since it is an art, henna tattooing is also called henna art. In India, this art is called Mehndi.

The first Indian woman to use henna was Queen Mumtaz, who reigned in 1600. Traditionally, henna and Mehndi art has become an important part of wedding ceremonies, especially in India. There is no bride without henna tattoos on her hands and feet.

With the era of development, henna craftsmanship has become an everyday product that has been manufactured, practiced, and developed by many artists outside India. For some Indians, henna is considered a lucky charm, and its decoration can bring love, prosperity, health, security at birth, protection from harmful spirits, and even happiness in death.

Mehndi is a beautiful temporary tattoo that starts with orange and gradually turns reddish-brown over time. In fact, there are some tricks that can make your henna tattoos last longer. To do this, you have to think about where you will create the tattoo. It won’t last long if you put it on your hands, which are constantly washing.

Today, the use of henna tattoos has developed not only for wedding ceremonies but also for participation in parties or other formal events. Tattoos usually last about two weeks. To make them last longer, you can take several steps.

You should use a mild soap, which does not make your skin peel. Then prepare a vegetable oil and apply it to your tattoo twice a day. Before you get a tattoo on your hands or feet, you can apply the vegetable oil to this area. To get a good vegetable oil, you can ask the expert.

stylish simple mehndi henna designs for hands for beginners: mehndi designs for hands

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