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Exploring the Black Henna

If you are an Indian, Pakistani or Arab bride about to get married, then naturally expect to be wearing Mehndi’s designs on your hands and legs when your wedding day approaches. Not only are henna tattoos popular in communities, as mentioned above, but they have also proven to be very desirable designs on brides’ bodies in other parts of the world. The wedding Mehndi is therefore one of the most widely used body art styles in the world today, and considering the beauty and elegance that these Mehndi designs emanate, it is not surprising that they are so popular.

Having Mehndi in your hands is certainly attractive and appealing, but how do you ensure that the Mehndi you wear on your hands and legs is safe? Black henna is probably the most popular type of henna there is, but how do you make sure that the black henna you normally buy from outside stores is safe? The safest way to control this problem is to make henna yourself, but not many people know how to do it and it would take a lot of time. So they end up buying finished henna, some of which is not really made from the henna plant or leaves. Some of it is made from PPD, also known as paraphenylenediamine.

This substance is actually a black hair dye, and some individuals (and even companies) use PPD to make black henna. Unfortunately, PPD can cause allergic skin reactions, and in some cases, side effects such as itching, rashes, blisters, and even permanent scarring have been reported. Using pure henna leaves to make henna would not cause this complication, but if PPD is added, these allergic reactions can be expected if you have sensitive skin.

Visitors to tourist areas should beware of vendors selling black henna with PPD added. Normally, the skin reaction does not occur until after three days, by which time you would have left the area you visited, and no one but you would be responsible for your allergic reaction. Most Western countries prohibit the use of PPD on the skin, and even in hair dyes, the composition must be less than 6%. So if you find black henna, make sure you get all-natural black henna or one that doesn’t contain PPD. Safety first!

Simple Arabic Mehndi Art Deigns For Hands 2018 * New Latest …

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