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How to Make Sharp, Long-Lasting Henna Tattoos

You don’t have to be a professional artist to create long-lasting henna tattoos. With a little practice, you can start with custom henna body decoration. Use a template to create complicated henna tattoos. Also, use a tube of prepared henna extracts instead of henna paste. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating clear, long-lasting henna tattoos.

Instructions for Creating Henna Tattoos

The process of doing henna tattoos is divided into three phases: Selection of the henna pens, drawing of the tattoo, and aftercare.

* Selection of Henna Pens: These are the points to consider when choosing an ideal henna pen.
* Henna sticks that contain chemical preservatives that can cause allergies or skin irritation, Therefore, always choose henna sticks that contain 100% natural ingredients.
* When choosing colors, choose pencils that contain a high percentage of the original henna color. Designs created with these pens will last longer than those created with pens containing artificial colors.
* Also choose a henna pen with different types of tips. The different types of tips provide a varied flow, making it easy to create complicated designs.
* Drawing the Tattoo: Creating a tattoo design is the most important part of creating detailed henna tattoos. In the beginning,

* Clean your hands with hot water and soap. You can also clean your palms with cotton balls soaked in astringent to remove unwanted body oils.
* Choose a design that is not too complicated. Beginners should choose simple designs with thick lines. You can draw a henna tattoo directly on your hand or use a stencil or other drawing aid. If your hands shake when you draw a henna tattoo, correct it immediately with a toothpick.
* Make sure that the painted henna lines are three-dimensional. Flat lines do not make a good color. When you have finished the drawing, let it dry.
* After finishing the henna body decoration, follow these tips to get sharp and lasting tattoos.
* Make a solution of sugar and lemon juice. Apply the henna tattoo with a cotton ball dipped in this solution. Apply another layer of this solution when the first layer is dry.
* Use a hairdryer to heat the henna tattoo for better color.
* Remove the dry henna after five hours. For intense color, immediately apply eucalyptus or olive oil to the henna hands.
* Make sure the tattooed area does not come into contact with water for at least 8 to 18 hours after the henna removal.
* When the henna tattoo begins to fade, apply another layer of henna to the existing design.

Henna Body Decorations: Precautions

Don’t use black henna to make henna tattoos. This is because black henna contains paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a substance that can cause serious skin reactions. If you wear contact lenses, also make sure your fingertips are clean. This will help prevent any resulting eye irritation.

How to Make Sharp, Long-Lasting Henna Tattoos

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