How To Make Perfect Henna Paste at Home & Fill Henna Cone

Henna – Why Are Some Stains Dark Or Light?

Henna has long been used to beautify and enhance the attractiveness and value of the body. It has been considered the safest and healthiest form of body art technique, leaving a temporary burgundy stain on the body. The basic scientific relationship between henna and skin describes the actual reason for the treatment and for leaving the burgundy dye on the body when the henna paste is applied. The most fascinating feature of henna stains is that they leave marks of varying brightness on different parts of the body. This phenomenon is easy to understand if you think deeply about the structure of human tissue, the skin. Our skin consists of living tissue, which is covered and protected by layers of nested cells in the stratum corneum. This layer consists of dead, dry cells that rapidly peel and flake off daily, exposing a new layer of dead cells, and so the process continues. Henna dye molecules, when applied to the skin, saturate and color the dead, dry cells of the stratum corneum.

The brightness of these marks or spots is closely related to the depth of that particular layer. Areas of the body with deeper layers tend to produce a lighter and darker patterned color when more cells are stained, and they last longer because these stained cells are present in greater numbers and therefore take longer to peel and shed. The most common examples of these regions are the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, which contain the largest number of layers of these cells. In most cases, the body’s nutrition also limits the color of the spots.

How To Make Perfect Henna Paste at Home & Fill Henna Cone

It is generally observed that well-fed, happy, and healthy people tend to get a darker impression of the henna pattern, even those with long life, while poorly fed and sick people tend to get a lighter patch color from henna.

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