How to make Henna paste for Dark Stain | Learn Mixing Henna paste for Darker Mehndi Stain

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The most awaited video :-Learn How to make henna paste on your own for great Staining is here for you.
☆Henna Powder: Henna must use fresh high-quality. Never use random henna powder that you find in a grocery store.The type of henna Matters.You can use Jamila Henna Powder, Organic Rajasthani Indian Henna Powder.
☆Eucalyptus Essentials Oil:Essential oils is very potent and strong.You can also use Cajeput essential oil, Tea tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Ravensara essential oil.
☆Sugar: Sugar gives the paste a smooth,silk consistency that is easier to work with. The sugar helps the paste stick onto the skin and stay longer. I have used Regular Sugar.
☆Temperature and Time: While there is some variation between henna powders,henna normally dye-releases (color chodna)after mixture within 10-12 hours at room temperature.Its depends upon the climate. A warmer environment will speed dye release,while a cooler will slow it.Best time as I recommend you is 24 hours.
☆Mix your paste in a ceramic or plastic bowl,and use a plastic spoon or spatula. Do not use metal bowls and spoon.
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