How I Make My Organic Henna | Organic Henna Recipe | Meher’s Henna

To make organic henna we need:
-100gm of Rajasthani henna powder
-30ml of essential oil
– 30gm Suger
– water (to need)

*you double all the ingredients to make a bigger batch. Or half the ingredients to make a small batch.

* you can make at least 10/12 cones of 25gm, following these exact amount.

* Do not add too much water at first, your paste might become too watery.

* you can use 30-50gm suger in 100gm powder, 30gm is always ok for me.

* Don’t let the paste sit over 24 hours.

* if your paste become watery you can add 1 tsp powder.

* U can skip straining, but straining the paste makes your henna more smooth.

* You can use plastic bag or airtightbag instead of icing bag.

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