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Mehndi (Henna) – Creating Patterns

Mehndi has added a dimension to the concept of creativity and design and has swept the hearts of various foreigners and locals alike to treat them to the best of cultural activities and now to teach them more customs and traditions.

Although the practice is believed to have begun 5,000 years ago during Egyptian civilization, when it was used during mummification, it has steadily developed into an occasional activity in various countries in the Middle East and Europe.

To design patterns with the help of green paste, which leaves a rather orange-red color, no such demands on artistic skills are needed, just a sense of imagination and creativity.

These designs can be based on simple geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares or on complicated motifs or even just floral patterns to show the similarity of people.

Depending on the custom, there are three basic traditions for Mehndi patterns and designs.

The Arab Mehndi consists of large and simple floral patterns that embellish the hands and feet of women, although they reflect the skill and experience of the artists and the individuality of the patterns of all the other traditions of the Arabian Peninsula.

Secondly, the Indian tradition, or rather the Asian culture, embodies the enriched delicacy of fine lines and cashmere lace or floral patterns covering all hands, feet, shins, and forearms.

Pakistani and Indian women are tied up to their elbows and calf muscles with Mehndi for the proper beautification purpose.

On the other hand, African motifs are designed larger and bolder, revealing their creativity and imagination. Instead of complicated fine lines or floral patterns, women are redesigned with geometric patterns and angles widely used.

Whatever the tradition, it is the people’s choice to get involved in the design they want.

From bridal designs, Arabs, saroski, helicopters, peacocks and traditional Indian designs to henna tattoos in Western countries, each creation by Mehndi artists is both enticing and fascinating to locals and visitors alike.

Heart Shape Mandala Henna Design for Hands |Thought of Creation

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