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Learning How To Apply Henna Brilliantly

One of the most popular forms of body art, the use of henna or mehndi, is becoming increasingly popular today not only in eastern but also in western countries. Although Mehndi or Henna exists in many different variations and styles, three types of Mehndi dominate the industry, namely Indian Mehndi, Pakistani Mehndi, and Arabian Mehndi designs.

Henna, which is mainly used in traditional celebrations such as weddings, comes in a range of different colors, including orange, black, brown, and dark green. If you want your henna to last longer, I strongly recommend that you use natural henna instead of artificial henna.

Is a wedding coming up and you don’t know how to make henna effective and beautiful in anticipation of the wedding? Let’s take a look at how you can apply simple Mehndi patterns and even complicated patterns to your body parts once you have mastered the art of Mehndi.

The first step would be to prepare the henna, so be prepared for this step. You have the option to buy the prepared henna from a store or, if you prefer, prepare your own henna with henna powder. Natural henna is certainly recommended, as it would last much longer than artificial henna, which would fade away in a few days.

Using a bowl, add ground henna powder, boiling water, and jasmine oil and mix the ingredients together. To darken the color of the henna, you could probably choose to add coffee powder, tea leaves, or sugar to the paste, but you could also choose not to. If you want the paste to last longer, it would be wise to add lemon juice to it.

Use an empty plastic container to mix the pasta. This would be useful because you could probably get rid of it when you are done with the henna, and you could also keep the henna well if you need to keep the pasta for a few days. Continue to mix the paste until you are in a similar physical condition as the toothpaste. Once you notice that your paste is at this level, you should close the lid of the container and store the paste in a cool, dry place for about 2-3 hours.

Choose from Indian, Pakistani, and Arabic mehndi and apply your mehndi using pre-made templates or even toothpicks. The more complicated and elaborate your designs are, the more tools you will need to apply the henna. After applying the henna to the body, you should wait about 3 hours for the paste to dry effectively on the skin. Once the mehndi is dry, you can continue to simply peel the henna from the skin. However, be careful not to wet the applied area or clean it with water for at least 12 hours.

Because henna designs for hands and legs are more complicated and detailed, they require more patience on the part of the designers, so be careful when applying henna to the hands and legs. Why not apply henna yourself for a fun and satisfying experience instead of having a professional do the work for you? Use the many Mehndi books that teach the art of applying henna effectively for the benefit of those who are serious about learning this art. So stop wasting time and find your own henna design book now and become a master of the henna design yourself!

303030 Easy Arabic Mehndi Design For Hands || Henna Design |…

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