ᴴᴰ stylish simple henna mehndi designs for hands

Henna Tattoo Design – How to Make Henna Tattoos

The mehndi is a shrubby plant from the Middle Eastern countries, which is used for henna tattoos and in various henna tattoo designs. It is more commonly known as “henna”, and the art of henna tattooing is an ancient tradition in the culture of the Middle East. In places like India, Pakistan, Sudan, and Egypt it is a tradition and is now fashionable everywhere.

Henna or Mehndi leaves are used for body painting or as henna tattooing or temporary tattooing. Nowadays people prefer to use them because they are cheaper and easier and you can even make and apply them yourself. Henna leaves are ground and sprayed and then made into a paste and applied to various parts of the body such as hands, legs, feet, arms, ankles, neck, back, abdomen and even toenails, fingernails and other parts of the body where you want to have them.

Since henna tattoos have become fashionable, many companies make henna in different colors, but studies have shown that this is not safe. When other colors, chemicals, or substances are added to henna to change its color, a kind of chemical reaction occurs that causes skin irritation, which in some cases can be mild to severe. Therefore, it is advisable to use henna in its pure, colorless form.

Anyone can use henna and create and experiment with any design, or you can choose one as there are many henna tattoo design books or catalogs on the market. Some people use prepared henna in tubes at the market, but many still prefer to mix it up in their own way.

Surprisingly, this leads to slightly better results. There are actually henna recipes, designs, and instructions on the market that can help you make the henna paste and apply it yourself. If you want to experiment with how to make that paste yourself, here is a recipe and a simple and effective procedure that will guide you through the process and show you how to apply it.

First, you will need:

1 and 1/4 cups of dried and sieved henna powder
2 packs of instant black coffee
1 and 1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons lemon juice (fresh)
5 drops of eucalyptus oil
5 drops of clove oil

Procedure for mixing the henna paste

1. Boil instant coffee and water to 3/4 cup of dark liquid.

2. mix enough coffee (dark liquid) into the henna powder to make a thick paste. Continue mixing until well mixed.

3. Add the lemon juice, eucalyptus and clove oil. Mix until well blended. Remember: The paste must not be too watery, otherwise you’ll have to add more henna powder. It should also not be too thick, otherwise, you will have to add a little more of the dark liquid, or a simple water will do. Finally, let the mixture cool down for about 2 hours before using it. The measurement is only valid for a small part of the henna paste. If you plan to use more, you can achieve this by doubling the measurements. Unused henna paste can also be stored for later use, provided it is sealed. It will last two weeks if stored in a refrigerator and two months if kept frozen.

How is henna paste applied?

You can apply the henna paste with a toothpick, a bottle, or a cone. You can buy it or make it yourself from available material that can be produced in this way. Then you have to decide on the design. There are several henna tattoo design kits available on the market. They come with a sample design and a template.

However, you can do it your way. Create your own design and you don’t need fancy templates and stuff and do it freehand! After applying it, you have to live it until the paste has dried. This may take longer than the application. It can take hours, and when it finally dries you’ll see the good results you’ve just achieved. Great! The tattoo can take 4-6 weeks, depending on how you maintain it.

ᴴᴰ stylish simple henna mehndi designs for hands

#henna #mehndi

Jasa inai/ pacar/ henna/ mehndi art tatto Indonesia
– khususnya dikota Bandung.
Menerima panggilan wedding celebration/ acara pengantin, acara keluarga, celebration, occasion dsb.


LINE: navi_henna
Instagram: NAVI_HENNA

Untuk beberapa pertanyaan.

● Apakah henna/mehndinya nempel di kulit?
Ya, setelah di lukis di tangan, tunggu henna mehndinya nempel dikulit sampai kering, setelah kering, hennanya akan mengelupas sendiri dikulit tanpa perlu dicuci pake air.

● Berapa lama henna/mehndinya nempel di kulit sampai kering?
– Tergantung ketebalan henna yang keluar, semakin tebal, semakin lama.
– Tergantung keadaan cuacannya, semakin dingin/ kena angin-anginan semakin cepat kering.
– Tergantung seberapa banyak motivnya, semakin banyak motivnya, semakin lama proses keringnya.

Tapi hasil rata-rata waktu proses menunggunya 20-30 menit.
Semakin sabar menunggu keringnya, semakin baik.

● setelah kering dan nempel, sampai berapa lamakah hennanya awet di kulit?

Ada 2 macam henna, tergantung kita pakai henna yang mana.

○ pertama: all-natural henna mehndi -tanpa kimia-.
( 2 macam warna: merah maroon dan hitam).
nempel di kulit dari 4 sampai 7 hari, bisa lebih, tergantung perawatannya.

○ kedua: Art tatto (1 macam warna: hitam).
Tahan dikulit 2 minggu lebih.

● Apakah henna/mehndinya bahaya untuk kulit?

Sejauh saya bekerja sebagai prof. Henna. Tidak ada laporan dari pelanggan yang kena gatal-gatal, panas/ hal-hal semacam itu JIKA pakai all-natural henna mehndi -tanpa kimia-.
Tapi untuk tatto art, karna ada sedikit bahan kimia, memang tidak disarankan untuk orang yang:.
– punya riwayat alergi.
– sedang masa datang bulan/haid.
– sedang mengandung.
– ibu yang masih menyusui.
Karna ada bahan kimiannya.

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