Using Henna Hair Dye. Pros & Cons | Simple Living Swaps | Henna for Gray Hair

This video was motivated by and somewhat of a response to this video by Brad Mondo “HAIRDRESSER REACTS TO HENNA HAIR COLOR!”

Everyone is entitled to their own definitions and standards of beauty. For me, there is nothing beautiful about torturing animals and poisoning ourselves & our environment. While my own use of henna is far from perfect, I hope this video will reach some viewers and further encourage all of us to make simple swaps to safe and cruelty-free personal care products.

For Brad’s own health and everyone else’s, I hope he will consider lending his expertise toward perfecting ways to use henna. Some of us could use the help!

A list of safer alternatives – some are not safe enough for me and others – but might be better for you:

For those interested in learning more about chemical toxins in hair dyes and the impacts on hair care workers, here are a few resources I pulled from a quick search:

Reproductive disorders among cosmetologists and hairdressers: a meta-analysis:

Occupational Chemical Exposures Among Cosmetologists
Risk of Reproductive Disorders:

Related, nail products are also incredibly toxic and damaging to users, but most especially to nail care workers:

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