The Benefits of HENNA Hair Dye!

Henna Hair Dye – Things To Consider First

Henna is excellent for strengthening hair and can give you the most beautiful natural colors in the world. Beautiful shades of copper, garnet, red, cinnamon, brown, and burgundy… Bright, rich colors and a thick head with healthy curls and radiant volume, what more could a girl want?

Well, before you go out and put henna in your hair, there are a few things you should consider. Have you died recently or permed your hair? Are you planning to perm your hair in the future? If so, you might want to rethink or keep a low profile! Henna is great for your hair, but it doesn’t play well with chemical hair treatments. If you don’t want to risk your hair turning green, or who knows what else, you should wait at least 30 days after your last perm or color. Once you’ve applied henna to your hair, the color can last up to a year.

I even did a little experiment just to pass on this information. Hey, we’re all friends here, right? I can risk a head that looks like ripe lime for the team!

Until this experiment, I’ve been dyeing my hair with henna for over a year and a half. Before that, I was an avid user of permanent dyes, so I know how my hair reacts to permanent coloring. Even with naturally dark brown hair and a few grey hairs, my hair would be very suitable for coloring even very light shades. For my experiment, I waited 10 weeks after my last henna application and used my old favorite brand of permanent hair color in a light “strawberry blonde” color.

The results? As usual, my dark roots accepted the dye as a spell, including my iridescent silver hair. Well, the rest of my hair is another story… The rest of my head was still the exact same color it was before I got the dye. The dye had no effect, although it had been two and a half months since I last used henna. So from the conclusion of this experiment, we can conclude that if you decide to use henna, you do not intend to go back for a long time!

Another factor to consider is the desired outcome. Henna, although it is obviously a strong adhesive dye, is not capable of lightening your hair. If you have lighter colored hair, the highlights in certain shades can also be more intense. Sometimes it takes a few attempts with different types of henna and herbal supplements to get exactly the shades you want.

The Benefits of HENNA Hair Dye!

In this video clip, I inform you all of the factors why henna is so fantastic to utilize as all-natural hair color, however likewise all of the factors I have actually discovered with experience. The henna that I make use of is LUSH CACA ROUGE.

Examining Lush’s Caca Rouge:

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In this video clip, I inform you all of the factors why henna is so fantastic to utilize as all-natural hair color, yet additionally all of the factors I have actually discovered via experience. I definitely like henna as well as I desire you, men, to provide it a shot if you are considering it! The henna that I utilize is LUSH CACA ROUGE.

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