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Body Painting With Henna

Henna is traditionally used in South Asia to add luster and color to grey hair. Henna powder is of vegetable origin and is green in color. Put one cup of henna powder in a blender and add warm water until the paste has the consistency of honey. Apply to hair and scalp with a dough brush, cover with a shower cap and let dry for a few hours. Rinse the henna paste until the water is clear. Your hair will become brighter and healthier with beautiful red highlights.

You can also buy pre-mixed henna paste in handy tubes with a “tubular” cap that distributes the henna in a thin line. This was developed for temporary henna tattoo designs to decorate the Asian bride’s hands and feet.

The applicator is perfect for direct application to the hair and covers all hair quickly, easily, and cleanly. This technique is perfect for covering all gray hair. If you have dark hair, your hair will have red tones. If your hair is grey, it will be deep red. You can also buy black henna if you prefer darker shades.

Henna also combs your hair and gives it color. Your hair will be brighter, softer, and easier to manage. This natural dye makes the hair stronger after use and not weaker, as is the case with some hair dyes. Chemical hair dyes can weaken and change the hair shaft, making it more porous.

Gypsies traditionally use strong tea as a hair dye and tonic. The natural tannin content of tea temporarily darkens gray hair but leaves a natural-looking color. Medium-strength tea gives dark hair shine and radiance: save the leftovers from the teapot, strain them well and use the cooled liquid as the last rinse after shampooing. Vinegar has the same effect.

Nuts can have a slight coloring effect. They were first used in Roman times to darken and improve hair color. If you are a brunette, try putting 4oz (100g) of chopped walnuts in 1 pint (600ml) of boiling water. Strain, apply the resulting liquid, and leave to soak for 15-20 minutes.

For natural hair color, try using an herbal conditioner for a soft and subtle effect. Chamomile flowers give blonde hair shine, nettles are a good tonic for all hair types (but be careful when picking them up), and elderberries give dark hair a subtle, deep mahogany color. Put a large handful of the appropriate plant in a pan and cover it completely with water. Simmer for 20 minutes, strain, and cool. After washing the hair with a mild shampoo, use the Herbal Rinse, then rinse thoroughly with cold water, taking care not to leave any traces of the rinse.

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सरल रहस्य हेना हेयर पैक / सुपर सॉफ्ट, चमकदार, रेशमी बाल / 100% प्राकृतिक और सरल हेना पैक
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In this video, I have shared a very easy Homemade Hair Mask to get Shiny hair, Silky hair, Soft hair, Smooth hair.
Every woman wants to have Smooth hair and silky hair. Short or long, curly or straight—Soft Silky Shiny hair always gives a good impression. Soft Hair and Shiny Hair takes a bit of effort. Proper Haircare is the only way for both men and women to get Shiny, Silky, Soft, and Smooth hair. Most of us use numerous branded conditioners, shampoos, and serums to add a beautiful shine to our hair. But over time, these products can do more harm than good.
Instead of using these products, you can try some Simple and Natural Home Remedies to Make Hair Smooth and Shiny.
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If you have any of the questions mention below then this is the Hair oil for you. How to reduce hair fall

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