Sally’s Hair Dye Allergic Reaction / How I Dye My Hair With Henna Naturally And NO Chemicals

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I shared with you guys today my experience with hair dye and why I switched to henna. Switching to natural, raw, gluten free henna hair dye is a great step towards taking care of your health. Excellent alternative for people with sensitive skin, no more rashes or burns. Henna for hair is not a new idea, it has been used for centuries to dye hair, making temporary body art tattoos and a lot more. Henna ( lawson inermis linn) naturally contains red pigment and dyes hair or skin.
I was wrong when I thought because I dyed my hair with the chemical dye I can’t go back to henna, I was totally mistaken. Henna repairs hair damage the harsh chemical dyes cause, and it will help wash out the chemical residue and provide you healthier hair.

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