Hello world! I dyed my hair with the Rainbow Research Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye, and decided to film a tutorial on it!
These are the steps I follow every time I dye my hair. I haven’t used permanent hair dye in years. With henna I notice my hair looks healthier after using it, compared to permanents. My hair looks fuller and shinier.
I like to use Dark Brown, as I feel like Black would be too dark for me. But I am still curious and might try Black soon too.
I strongly recommend you read the instructions on the packaging. If you have similar hair color to me and is dying it Dark Brown, you can follow my tutorial from step to step. If you’re doing a lighter shade make sure you add the correct liquid to the mix ( just read the info booklet).
I got my hair dye at amazon 🙂
( This is NOT a sponsored post by the way)

Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoy! Good luck! 🙂

Music used :

A Magical Journey Through Space by Leonell Cassio | https://soundcloud.com/leonellcassio
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We Are Harmony by Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge | https://soundcloud.com/atmospheric-music-portal
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