Parampara Ayurved Natural Black henna ( Summer hair Care ) by Raj infinity.

Parampara natural black henna,

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Henna has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that cool and soothe your scalp. This controls scalp itching. Grind a cup of henna leaves, half a cup of neem leaves and half a cup of tulsi leaves with water. Apply the paste on your hair and wash off after an hour.

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Rs : 25/-,

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Parampara Kuntal sree no dandruff shampoo,

Parampara kesh purna hair spa,

Parampara Kuntal sree plus shampoo,

Parampara natural henna,

Parampara natural black henna,

L I K E——-C O M M E N T——–S H A R E——-S U P P O R T,

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