No Henna Hair! Henna-Naw?! HOW NOT TO USE HENNA

Have you heard a stylist or colorist tell you NO to henna? Absolutely do NOT use henna on your hair? OR did they say, your hair looks terrible?! Dry, damaged and straw-like. Did they tell you just how wrong you were for using henna and how your hair is in bad shape? Or did you use henna and hate it? Does any of this apply to you?

It just might. First things first.

YOU. Did you use henna correctly? Did you use your henna for hair treatment according to your hair type, texture and hair focus? Or did you grab a box off the shelf and just go for it? Did you watch someone else’s method of using henna? What works for someone else might not work exactly the way you hope for you. It’s important to start at the source of asking you those very first important questions about what you want your end results to be.

Moisture. Curls. Volume. Color. Length. What do you hope to achieve?

COLORISTS and STYLISTS. Has anyone trained you in natural hair color and care? The first week in cosmetology school do they cut down henna immediately? Do you see a client who has damaged their hair due to henna? Have you taken the time to see how henna should work? Keep in mind at the majority of beauty schools, they are influenced by the brands and products that give them products and sponsor them. It’s about them making money and them making money through you and your continued use of their brand.

It’s education that stops this cycle. I’m not here to put henna down your throat. I’m here to say that you can have success with henna nd ayurvedic hair care.

Just don’t cut it down without having all the facts and training. You can sign up for our certification program here:

Whereas I understand, henna and Ayurvedic hair care might not be for everyone (even though I still believe there is a regimen in natural hair care and living for raw, natural herbal ingredients and masks for your hair), just have all the necessary information to make an informed decision for yourself and others.

I absolutely do not sit here promoting something that would damage the beauty of your hair. That would be pointless.

If you have any questions or concerns, post them below. I’d be more then happy to assist you. We can also be reached via our henna for hair and body art phone lines at 410-579-4543 from 10 am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday. Call us!


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