NEW Henna Tea Recipe for New Growth & Stronger Healthier Hair

HEYYYY BEAUTIES!!!! Super Super excited to finally have my henna tea recipe out for you guys! My apologies for even taking so long to film BUT better late than never!

If you want to check out the old recipe that I was introduced from Curlyprovebz feel free!!

Ingredients Used:

Henna Powder & Camiella Oil

Amla, Neem, Shikakai & Fenugreek Powder (the oils also)
All purchased from Amazon!

About Me;

Natural Since January 2014
Born and raised in Canada
Parents from Jamaica
Hair: Majority is High Porosity, crown and hairline is low porosity and super frizzy! The front curls are loose like an “S”, the hairline and back are tighter like bolt screws 😉 My hair is super fragile, it will break easy, I use a lot of natural products that have protein. I can never let my hair go dry or it will break.

My Hair Regimen 2018:

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