Natural Hair Dye DIY Henna & Indigo For Black Hair from Start To Finish Gray Hair dye

By Choosing The Best Hair Loss Treatment Product You Will Have The Right Hair Loss Remedy

If you choose the best hair loss treatment product, you have the right remedy to stop the hair loss in you.

You should decide on a hair loss remedy once the cause of your hair loss has been diagnosed. A hair loss doctor can help you decide the best hair loss treatment. Because everyone is different, everyone gets different results from different products. Therefore, he or she will be able to tell you which treatment best suits your specific hair loss needs. There are different methods available to treat hair loss. Some can be combined so that you can develop your own hair loss remedy.

There are oral medications such as Propecia (also known as finasteride) that your doctor should prescribe, so you should agree that this is the right treatment for you. Propecia prevents the body from producing DHT, a hormone that stops hair growth. One topical preparation that is now available without a prescription is Rogaine, also known as Minoxidil. Originally prescribed as a blood pressure medication, men found that their hair grew back when they took it. A topical preparation was developed to avoid oral administration.

There are also many commercial hair loss products on the market that claim to promote hair growth, but most, if not all, have not been approved by the FDA. If you decide to go down this road, look for products that have some positive good-faith results and are relatively inexpensive to use. The Internet is a pretty good way to do this type of research; look for hair loss remedies that have received good customer reviews.

Of course, you have to be careful not to get involved in commercial hype but look for real reviews from customers who have had good luck with the product. These types of hair loss products range from topical lotions that are applied to the head, herbal and/or vitamin formulations that are taken by mouth, or even hair loss shampoos that reportedly restore hair growth. Again, these are “natural” products, not usually chemical in nature, which is what some people prefer. However, they still have side effects and may not be good for you, so do your homework.

Some natural hair loss remedies that can help stop hair loss

Saw Palmetto Extract: Used to fight benign prostate disease (BPD). As a side effect, this product also decreases DHT in the body, which promotes hair growth.

Green Tea: Although green tea’s reputation for promoting hair growth is uneven at best, it remains a remarkable supplement due to its high content of antioxidants and other beneficial substances.

Henna can be prepared and applied topically to the hair. It is an herb that comes in many colors, and some people also use it as a hair dye. It was traditionally used as a hair dye, but now its use has declined due to the availability of prepared hair formulations on the market. When applied topically, it helps strengthen the hair and increase shine.

Provillus: A natural formulation that is said to help give your body the proper nutrition to prevent hair loss. It is also said to support hair growth.

Resveratrol: One of the newest antioxidants for children on the market, Resveratrol, made from grape skins, has many beneficial antioxidant properties.

Natural Hair Dye DIY Henna & Indigo For Black Hair from Start To Finish Gray Hair dye

Henna hair dye with Indigo home remedies for jet black hair step by step Wash Day From Start to Finish on Type 4c 4b 4a Natural Hair. Also henna and indigo for gray hair. Thanks for watching Praise Naturals.

Is Henna and Indigo Safe?:-
Please be sure to buy the real thing and that it is not mixed with other chemicals or fake.

Henna and indigo are both natural plants from mother nature and
Very few people, if any, will experience allergy symptoms from pure henna and pure indigo, but it’s best to test and to be safe.
Please if this is your first time using henna and indigo then I will suggest You do a Patch Test.

How to do a Patch Test:-

Pre-mix a small quantity of henna powder – about 5gms – according to the instructions in the Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Kit, and apply the paste to the inside of your arm or elbow crease. You can tie an old piece of material (cotton or muslin), or some plastic wrap like cling film, around the arm to keep the paste in place. Henna will stain the skin red/red-orange. Wash off a couple of hours later and wait 48 hours. If you experience no irritation at that time then it’s reasonably safe to assume you can use it without any problem.

Next, do an indigo patch test. Mix up about 5gms of indigo hair color into a paste according to the Instructions in the Kit and wash off after about an hour or longer. Indigo may stain your skin a bluish color. Wait at least 48 hours. If you experience no irritation at that time then it’s reasonably safe to assume you can use it without any problem.

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