Lush’s Henna Hair Dye – Tutorial + Review

How To Get A Darker Mehndi Color On Your Hands For A Bride?

Mehndi or Henna designs have been part of Indian and Arab culture since time immemorial. Henna leaf paste is used to draw beautiful and intricate patterns on the bodies of women, sometimes men. It is an essential part of wedding rituals. Often the name or initials of the groom are drawn, skillfully hidden within the pattern. Mehndi is a symbol of good energy, happiness, and sensuality.

In India, it is generally believed that the shadow of Mehndi on the bride’s palm reflects her husband’s love for her. The darker the shadow of Mehndi, the more her husband will love her. As a result, there is a demand for darker shades of Mehndi. This has led to the use of artificial dyes and pigments. These pigments often contain chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. They can cause severe allergies and blisters. Therefore, you should avoid buying ready-made cones, as they often contain chemicals. It is better to prepare a henna paste at home.

There are several natural methods of obtaining a darker color from Mehndi.

1. Apply lemon syrup and sugar to freshly dried Mehndi

A sugar and lemon syrup does not directly help to improve the color of the Mehndi, but it helps to keep the Mehndi on the skin longer. It keeps the henna paste moist and prevents it from cracking. This keeps it on the skin longer and the chance of getting a darker color is greater. Indian women usually apply the Mehndi at night and leave it on overnight. This results in a richer, darker color when removed the next morning.

2. Scrape it off

After applying Mehndi for at least 12 hours, it is advisable to scrape it off with a dull spoon or spatula. It will become darker in the next few hours. Rub both hands together for faster removal. Any contact with water will lighten the color, so it is best not to wash it. Less contact with water not only makes the color darker but also makes the Mehndi last longer.

3. Apply the paint balm

At bedtime, the application of pain relievers such as Vicks, Amrutanjan, etc. helps to darken the color during the night. It is also possible to apply the balm before applying the Mehndi for a better result.

4. Warm the hands

Warmer body temperature gives the Mehndi a richer color. You can rub your hands together or warm them over a fire or gas stove. You can also heat a pan and add some cloves or granulated clove powder and put the steam on your hands.

5. Finally, you can apply shea butter oils or paste

Apply the oil after removing the Mehndi paste. It can be a hair oil, body oil, or even edible oil. This leads to oxidation and results in a dark color. First, it would be orange, which would gradually change to brown and finally to brown and even to dark brown-black, which is the desired color.

Note: The use of soaps and shampoos after Mehndi reduces the likelihood of getting a darker color. Therefore, brides are advised not to get their hands unnecessarily or to use surfactants after applying the henna paste, so that they can get a better shade from the Mehndi.

Ready-to-use Mehndi cones promise a good dark color, but at the expense of safety. They often contain chemicals that are not suitable for use on human skin. You should also be very careful when buying Mehndi powder. Read the label carefully to check the list of ingredients on the package.

There are a number of healing and therapeutic benefits of henna. It has antiseptic and cooling properties. It reduces stress and calms the mind and therefore is widely used at weddings. Due to its antiseptic properties, it is believed to protect the couple from viral diseases. Henna is also extremely useful in aromatherapy. It improves blood circulation and calms down. It also helps in healing minor accidental cuts or burns that may occur during wedding rituals. So now choose some good Mehndi designs for the bride and beautiful Mehndi designs for your friends and enjoy the wedding.


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