lush rouge henna on dark brown hair

Henna – Best Natural Hair Dye to Cover Gray Hair

Hair color for a younger look

Every woman on this planet wants to look simply beautiful and receive as many compliments as possible on her kitten. No one wants to get old or accept the effects of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin or gray hair, etc. To hide these unwanted changes that occur with age, and to continue looking like little girls, they tend to use chemicals that are very harmful to their skin and their health in general. The manufacturers of these products, just to increase the sales of their products, make false promises to make women beautiful without leaving any side effects. In reality, this is completely false and wrong. Unfortunately, innocent ladies fall into the trap of harmful chemicals in their desire to look good. One such product is hair dye. People often use hair dye to hide gray and give it a natural black or brown color temporarily. As a result, after regular use of this harmful product, they have incurable problems such as poor vision and skin allergies.

Chemical hair dyes can weaken eyesight

All hair dyes on the market contain harmful substances such as ammonia and ammonium hydroxide. They are used as the main ingredients in hair dyes because they help to prepare the hair so that the dye can be easily absorbed into the hair shaft. As a side effect, these terribly toxic elements also spread to the scalp. This causes irritation, leaving permanent negative imprints on the eyes, skin, and airways. It is also likely to cause skin cancer and kidney problems. Life-threatening diseases, such as cancer and kidney failure, occur in only a few cases, but poor vision and skin problems are often seen in one out of every two people who use hair dye for a limited period of time. Today, people have become so aware of external beauty that they overlook the fact that harmful chemicals contained in cosmetics or skincare products can cause health problems for the rest of their lives.

Using natural vegetable hair color

There is no denying that it is important to look good because there is the confidence to face the competition. But there are other organic and plant-based dyes available as good substitutes for aggressive chemicals. These naturally produced alternatives may lack convenience, but the end results are certainly harmless in every respect. Unlike chemical hair dyes, natural henna could be used to dye gray hair red or burgundy – it looks great! Although it is messy and annoying, henna is certainly excellent. It is completely natural because it is extracted directly from henna plants (henna or Lawsonia inermis) and ground into a fine powder without adding any other substances. It covers white or grey hair very well and does not leave any side effects such as burning, itching, etc. When used as directed, it also acts as an exceptional natural conditioner, making hair soft and smooth.

Choose natural beauty products

Today the market is flooded with an unlimited range of products for every beauty problem, be it wrinkles, natural grey hair care, blemishes, scars, etc. It is up to the consumer to decide whether to choose the chemicals and get the results that come with health-related side effects or to choose natural herbal/organic products that will always be in harmony with well-being

lush rouge henna on dark brown hair

HI! just sharing my thoughts on lush henna hair dye in rouge on dark brown hair! I’m obsessed.

Yes, I know my eyelash lifted LOL (I’m cringing too). It is like that sometimes.

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