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Herbal Hair Loss Treatments – Right Way to Regrow Hair

Hair loss is a fairly common problem around the world. It is more common among adults, but in some cases, teenagers also suffer from hair loss problems. Many people prefer to let the world see their baldness and therefore prefer to leave it untreated and uncovered, while there are many who really care about their hair loss and prefer to treat it with different strategies and possible treatment options. Among all other treatments, such as chemically-based medications or surgical procedures, herbal hair loss treatment is known to be the best possible solution.

Since ancient times, Ayurveda has been known to provide the best herbal therapy for a wide range of conditions, including hair loss problems. Especially the subcontinents of India are very rich in high-quality herbs that have the ability to enhance the hair follicles from the root. Herbs like Amla, Tulsi, Basil, Yasthi Madhu, Bringraj, Henna, Brahmi, and Neem are known for their ability to nourish the hair and for their ideal ingredients to treat hair loss with herbs. These herbs are especially beneficial for making various hair supplements, hair oils and hair tonic to protect against possible hair loss by strengthening the health of the hair roots. Below is a brief description of these herbs.


Amla, rich in vitamin C, acts as a great nourishing tonic for the hair. It is believed to be used in the treatment of hair loss with herbs to protect hair from premature graying. It also protects our system internally by lowering cholesterol levels, improving vision, and strengthening the lungs and respiratory system. The scientific name of amla is Emblica Officinalis.


Tulsi is used as an effective hair loss remedy and is considered one of the essential ingredients in herbal hair loss treatment. It is widely used to protect hair from hair loss and early graying. Tulsi seed in combination with castor oil is a useful remedy against hair lice. It also helps to strengthen the hair root and thus reduce hair loss.


Basil is an effective herbal hair loss treatment. When applied to the hair and scalp, it stimulates hair growth. It also has the ability to condition the hair.

Yasushi Madhu

Yasushi Madhu is a useful and versatile herb that is used as one of the essential elements of herbal hair tonic and in the herbal treatment of hair loss. Hair loss is also caused by a malfunctioning liver. Yasushi Madhu has the ability to make you internally healthy by providing relief from gastrointestinal and liver dysfunction.


Since ancient times, Bringraj has been recognized as the best ingredient for the treatment of herbal hair loss. This is the main herb used in Ayurvedic hair treatment. It is considered an essential element in herbal hair supplements, rejuvenates hair follicles, strengthens hair roots and therefore provides protection against hair loss. It also prevents premature hair graying and baldness. It promotes hair growth.


This is the second-best essential herb used in Ayurvedic hair treatment. It helps your hair grow beyond normal size if you can use it regularly. You can use it twice a month as an herbal packet on your scalp or use it in your hair oil. In both cases, you will get good results and eventually get rid of your hair loss problems.


Brahmi does wonders for mental health. He has the ability to work on an individual’s cognitive abilities. Apart from that, when used, it can create a sense of peace and serenity. Brahmi oil is effective in protecting against hair loss and premature graying. It also helps with hair growth. It has the ability to make the hair root stronger. It is beneficial in promoting hair health.


Dandruff can cause hair loss. Neem can be used on the scalp to remove dandruff. It can also be used effectively to eliminate lice. You can use its Neem juice directly on the scalp or you can apply it mixed with hair oil.

Lush Henna Hair Dye Tutorial // Caca Marron

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