How to prepare henna paste at home || Henna hair mask for shiny and smooth hair || Henna hair mask

Hair Color to Its Peak

Women all over the world, regardless of their age, dye their hair for various reasons, to eliminate grey hair, to change their appearance or to follow the trend; some women choose their own shade in the supermarkets, others have the right shade recommended by professionals and others create their own shade at home.

Women who dye their hair regularly are usually familiar with hair colors; they choose the brand that is best for them and know when to color to get the right shade; however, women who dye their hair occasionally must remember that the hair color determines the outcome of the new shade before applying the fresh color; For example, if a very dark brown shade is applied to hair that is already deep black, the head can change to a very dark brown, almost black, so if a brown crown is desired, choosing a lighter brown shade for deep black hair can work.

A hair color that matches your head not only highlights the right shade but also makes your hair feel soft, straight, and sometimes silky, enriching your scalp with the necessary nutrients and giving it a new boost. The luxury brands available in big retail stores really do the trick; the box comes with an instruction manual, a dispenser, gloves, the dye, and possibly a liquid mix along with a brush.

Women who are anxious to maintain their natural beauty and who don’t want to give in to aging intelligently turn to natural remedies that prevent white stripes from becoming visible. A large number of men and women in Southeast Asia use henna, a natural dye known locally as Mehendi. A small bag of prepared henna is available, which should be mixed with strong black tea to obtain a brown shade that will attract many people. Redheads simply mix the henna with tap water before applying it, some add instant coffee spoons to the henna to get the desired color. Henna lovers all over the world adapt the gift of this nature to their whims and fantasies.

In addition to the special henna that is applied to the hair, there is also henna that is available in a cone that is actually intended to be applied to the skin to create beautiful designs similar to floral tattoos. Another, rarely known benefit of this cone is that it serves as a handy hair dye; the tip of the cone is cut off with scissors and then simply applied to the hair, which is massaged thoroughly with mustard oil. Wet, freshly colored hair is wrapped in a roll, covered with a shower cap, and stored for an hour. The henna from the cone does not need to be dried completely on the head before washing with regular shampoo; the cap prevents the henna from hardening on the head.

A famous fallacy is that cone henna is harmful to hair, but those who have used it for years and don’t care much for a little hair loss know for sure that it is the most convenient hair dye that produces a world-class tone and lasts up to nine months or even longer.

How to prepare henna paste at home || Henna hair mask for shiny and smooth hair || Henna hair mask


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