How to LIGHTEN hair without damaging (from henna dark brown to red)

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This video is about lightening your hair without damaging them. And you can lighten them YOURSELF at home very easily!

I am showing a very easy way of lightening your hair with either
Schwarzkopf Blond Ultime Lightening Spray
L’Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly

If you use the first product, you just need to spray it around your hair, brush them (to distribute the product evenly) and dry your hair to intensify the lightening process.

If you use the second product, you spread it allover your hair with hands (preferably in gloves which are included) and dry (not compulsory.

And this is it! So easy!!!

ATTENTION: My hair is naturally brown, but I use Henna on them, that is why my color is reddish after lightening.
How to LIGHTEN your hair without damaging (from henna dark brown to red)

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