How to colour(BURGUNDY) Your Hair Naturally At Home || बालों को स्वाभाविक रूप से घर पर रंग कैसे करें

Grandma’s Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss is mainly caused by poor nutrition, which can best be treated with a natural hair loss remedy. People who suffer most from folic acid deficiency. However, there are also other causes of baldness, and these are

Genetic composition
Changes in hormonal activity
Lack of adequate blood flow to the scalp
Excessive dandruff

Agent against natural hair loss

Amla oil is useful. It boils several dry pieces of amla in coconut oil and works as a useful hair tonic. It is simple and possibly the best remedy for hair loss. Mix Amla and lemon juice in equal amounts and use it in shampoo to prevent hair loss.

You can also drink a cup of spinach and salad juice every day. Coconut oil mixed with lime juice or lime water stops hair loss. A suitable natural remedy for hair loss is to apply coriander juice to the head. Try cooking mustard oil with henna leaves to promote healthy hair growth. The amount should be about 250 g with 100 g of henna leaves.

Try applying coconut milk as a natural hair loss remedy to the entire scalp. For a change, crush the black peppercorns and lime seeds in equal parts in a little water and apply them to your scalp daily. It is effective as a natural remedy for hair loss at home.

Wash your hair with cooked black Gramdal and fenugreek paste for hair extension. Gram dal red or pigeon pea paste is used to treat baldness or hair loss. You can also use castor oil on your hair. Prepare a good paste of honey, hot olive oil, and cinnamon and apply it to the scalp, leave it for 15 minutes.

Lime seeds and ground black pepper can be effective in combating problems related to hair loss. Ground fenugreek seed is a natural hair loss remedy when mixed with water to form a paste. It should be massaged into the scalp and allowed to work for one hour, after which it should be washed.

Do this every morning for a month. To stimulate hair growth, licorice can be ground into pieces in the milk with a small amount of saffron. You can even try a paste of lemon seeds and black pepper on the bald areas or add a gram of black pepper to apply to the scalp and wash the hair with hot water and use the mixture one day a week.

A natural remedy for hair loss is a mixture of shana seeds with a few drops of essential oil such as coconut or sesame oil, which become a paste. It can be applied regularly to the scalp to promote hair growth.

Massages with almond oil are also recommended for people with a hairline. It should be applied two or three times a day. The beet added to the henna paste can also significantly slow down hair loss.

How to colour(BURGUNDY) Your Hair Naturally At Home || बालों को स्वाभाविक रूप से घर पर रंग कैसे करें

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