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Hair Coloring Tips

With the huge range of hair colors available today, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. You know you want to do something different, but you have no idea where to start. Your professional colorist can help you better, but to get you off to a good start, here are some basic hair coloring tips to help you choose or change your hair color.

The first step is to decide exactly what you want to do. Do you just want to cover up the grey? Do you want a subtle change or something radical that will completely change your image? How much care are you willing to provide? Do you just want to make highlights or lowlights in your natural color? Do you want something permanent or something short term? I know many possibilities!

If you’re new to hair color, you can start with temporary or semi-permanent color. Temporary hair color is a color rinse that is removed with one or two shampoos. Semi-permanent hair color usually lasts about 6 weeks or more (depending on how often you shampoo your hair). Compared to a permanent hair color that needs to grow and requires frequent root canal treatments, this may be the best option for the newcomer. Although any hair color can be corrected most of the time if needed, this costs a lot of time, effort, and money. If you try something less dedicated, you will have a better idea of what you like without damaging your hair.

Well, if you just want to cover up the grey, the choice is relatively easy. Just find a color that matches yours. However, if you want to do something else, there are some things you should consider. This gorgeous strawberry blonde may look amazing to your best friend, but it won’t do anything for you except make you look worn out and sickly. The hair color you choose should be compatible with your skin tone and eye color. If you have very pale, cool-toned skin, an ash color will probably complement your cool lower tones. Cool-toned people tend to get along better with black, those crazy, bright colors, and very light blondes. If you have warm features, such as golden brown eyes and golden brown skin, then you should stick with warm hair color.

Colors with gold and red tones usually look good on you, so if you’re not sure, check your wardrobe! You usually choose clothes in colors that match your color scheme. If you have a lot of cold-colored clothes like green, blue, and purple, then you are most likely a “frivolous” person. If you have an abundance of warm colors like red, orange, and yellow, then you are a “warm person. However, there are some nuances you should remember. For example, if your face is red from acne or other skin diseases, you don’t want to choose a red color that highlights it. Instead, you should choose a color that softens the redness on your face. If your skin is pale, don’t choose a hair color with a lot of yellow. Instead, complement it by choosing a color with stronger shades.

Remember that you can always do something more subtle at first, especially if you choose a permanent hair color. High lights are a great way to add some tones and interest to your natural color. Low lights add some darker tones to highlight the natural highlights you already have. You can emphasize your whole head or just specific areas to highlight some of your best features. For example, you can use Hi-Light around the face to draw attention to the eyes, or you can add some color to the crown to accentuate the haircut. You can even simply “tip” your hair with another color to accentuate the texture of a new haircut.

Be careful when making your own color! If you are not familiar with color and its effects, you can easily do something that will make you run to the nearest salon with a scarf around your head and pray that someone will make you look human again. Here are some basic things to remember:

1. One-color does not cancel out a color. If you already have dyed hair and it’s dark, but you decide to lighten it, you’ll have to use bleach. The same applies if you have naturally dark hair and want to be a blonde. One-color usually only raises four levels. I strongly recommend that you go to a colorist in this situation, as bleaching can be difficult.

2. Contrasts in the color circle neutralize the opposite color. For example, if you have too much red in your hair, and ash color with green hues will balance out the red.

3. Take precautions before swimming with color-treated hair Chlorine from a swimming pool and saltwater from the ocean can turn your hair green.

4. Never perm your hair after a color. The chemicals in the perm solution will lighten the color of your hair.

5. If you’ve ever used a henna hair dye, wait until it grows out before using a chemical dye. Mixing the two colors doesn’t usually work well.

How To Colour Your Hair Naturally At Home – 100 % Natural Bu…

In this video clip, I am sharing How To Colour Your Hair Naturally At Home. Many individuals intend to color their hair with additional colored colors like wine red, red, maroon, and so on, yet they don’t intend to make use of dyes or chemicals. I am sharing all-natural means to color your hair wine red or red with all-natural components.
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These Hair pointers are extremely simple to adhere to, comply with these suggestions as well as obtain Thick Hair, Long Hair, Healthy hair.

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