How To Colour Your Hair Naturally At Home – 100 % Natural Black Colour With Henna

Home Remedies For Alopecia And Hair Loss

Alopecia is the loss of hair on the head. It is a common condition that usually affects men, although it is known to affect some women. Keratin is a protein that makes up our hair. A lack of keratin and other vitamins can cause partial or total hair loss. It is possible to replace keratin in your diet by eating anything that is orange, such as carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and citrus fruits, which can give you a keratin boost.

A common condition that can affect a man at any age is called male pattern baldness. It is usually an inherited condition that leads to complete or partial permanent hair loss over a long period of time.

Another condition that occurs more often than is known is female pattern baldness. The hair becomes thinner throughout the scalp, except in the front, and usually does not lead to complete loss, although it may occur in some extreme cases.

The most common cause of hair loss is diet. A person with a folic acid deficiency usually suffers some degree of hair loss. There are several other factors for hair loss that can lead to baldness, and these include

* The age
* Genetics
* Hormones
* Load
* Poor scalp circulation
* Excess dandruff

There are several natural remedies for hair loss, including Amla oil, which is made by boiling dried pieces of Alma and coconut oil.

An identical mixture of amla and lime juice can be used as a shampoo to promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss. A cup of salad and spinach juice drunk daily can also prevent or delay the hair loss process.

A daily application of some coconut oil mixed with lime juice or water can be applied to the hair and rubbed into the hair roots.

Take the juice from a few coriander leaves and apply it to the head and scalp.

Mustard oil can be brought to a boil with some henna leaves to stimulate and encourage hair growth. You need about 250 grams of mustard oil for every 100 grams of henna leaves in your pot. Let your mixture cool down, apply it to the hair and scalp, and rinse well.

Coconut milk, applied daily to the scalp, can also stimulate and promote new hair growth.

A paste of pigeon peas or a small red gram can also be applied to control thinning of the hair.

Castor oil or lime seeds and some black pepper, which have been processed into a fine paste, are also a good natural remedy. Licorice and ground milk with a pinch of saffron can also be used to stimulate the leaves.

Add one gram of black pepper to 100 grams of cottage cheese and apply it to the scalp, washing your hair with it once a week in hot water.

Beet leaves and henna paste are also a good natural treatment for thinning or receding hair. If you experience premature thinning, consult a professional. Thinning due to dietary factors can easily be prevented if detected early on.

How To Colour Your Hair Naturally At Home – 100 % Natural Black Colour With Henna

In this video, I am sharing how to color your hair naturally at home. I am sharing a natural way to cover your grey hair your hair with natural ingredients.
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