How to Apply Henna to Hair at Home | Special DIY Recipe | Henna for Strong Hair

How to Apply Henna on Hair at Home. Make henna paste for healthy long hair. Special Henna Recipe to dye your hair at home. This recipe makes the Henna Mehndi even more intense. Colouring your hair at home without chemicals, all natural.

This how to henna your hair routine and my special henna recipe is the result of experience and knowledge I’ve accumulated while using henna for over past 10 years.

I have red toned hair to start with. So, I apply it every 2-4 months.

Make sure the main ingredient on the packaging reads ‘Lawsonia inermis’.

I use Godrej Nupur Henna and instead of fresh lemons I use Dabur Lemoneez lemon juice.

You’ll need:
– Henna
– Gloves
– Mixing bowl
– Brush
– Newspaper or anything to protect your bathroom from stains
– Plastic wrap
– Conditioner and hair mask
– Oil
– Vaseline or thick cream
– Lemon (optional, only needed in method 2)

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Music by Joakim Karud


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