How to apply henna on hair step by step application method

Hair Loss Remedies That Can Save You From Baldness

If people find a lot of hair on their brush aftercare, they naturally get upset about it. Hair is formed primarily in the follicles of the scalp, and the base of the follicle contains a papilla that actually produces hair.

Hair forms on the papilla when amino acids are converted to keratin. This is a special protein that causes hair growth, which averages about 1.2 cm per month.

One of the main symptoms of baldness is finding hair on clothes after combing or brushing them. The symptoms of baldness are usually quite obvious. One of the causes of baldness is a vitamin deficiency due to insufficient nutrition.

Lack of vitamin B6 causes thinning of the hair. With a gradual intake of this vitamin, your hair should start growing normally. Other causes of hair loss can be stress, long-term illnesses such as typhoid, chronic colds, and unclean conditions.

Hair loss remedy

An effective home remedy is to rub the scalp vigorously after washing it with cold water. Rubbing the scalp promotes blood circulation, which stimulates increased hair growth. The warmth of Indian gooseberry in coconut oil is an effective hair tonic that helps to enrich the scalp.

You can also mix fresh gooseberry juice and lemon juice and use this mixture as a shampoo. A mixture of mustard oil and henna leaves is another home remedy for hair loss. Boil about 250 ml of mustard oil and gradually add henna leaves. Then filter the oil with a clean cloth and store it in a glass.

If you massage your scalp regularly with this oil, you will allow better hair growth. You can also add curry leaves instead of henna leaves. Coconut milk is another type of lotion that you can use on your scalp. Rubbing raw onions on bald areas is another home remedy.

Baldness can also occur if your scalp is constantly dry. You should try massaging your scalp with coconut oil every day before you go to bed.

How to apply henna on hair at home So Here is a step by step application method to apply henna on hair. Follow these steps at home.
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How to apply henna on hair step by step application method

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