How to Apply Henna on Hair for Beginners | Tutorial

How to henna hair color- tips and tricks to properly coat your hair with your henna mixture. Watch Brynn Albanese, International Violinist from Café Musique provide a detailed description of how to cover all your hair with henna.

Important Tips:
-Your henna mixture should be similar to Greek yogurt
-As you work the henna through your hair massage it with the brush
-Wear dark colored clothing henna will not stain them
-After using the brush massage the henna through your hair with your hands
-Let henna sit in your hair for 2-4 hours
-Heat is good for henna

Henna hair dye is the only natural hair coloring method that will color and condition your hair without harsh chemicals! Morrocco Method International henna hair dye ingredients are made with the purest wild crafted henna plants.

Watch this video to find the best was to cover all your hair with henna. Watch Part 6 of this series to discover how to properly wrap you head to let henna hair dye saturate.

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