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Mehndi – A General Synopsis of Black Henna

In the late 1990s, there was talk of a certain dye that could be used to dye skin and hair black. It was soon called “black henna”. But after decades of intensive research, it was recognized that it was more of a misnomer for the mixture of real indigo and natural henna powder.

It was a partially decoded truth about the components of the dye. In fact, at that time henna artists in Africa, India, the Arabian Peninsula, and the West had begun experiments to create a new color impression from the natural dye. They usually researched PPD (paraphenylenediamine), which later led to the formation of a black dye.

The experiments proved to be very harmful to the health of the users of black henna. There was growing controversy about the fact that henna or mehndi could have been dangerous and that chemical additives had nothing to do with the results, but it was soon shown that the natural dye powder was quite beneficial to health and not lethal when consumed in its pure form.

Black henna causes severe allergic reactions on the skin with possible signs of blistering, severe itching and possibly permanent scarring and chemical sensitivity. It can also cause relatively permanent damage, even immediate death due to a major application of the chemical. For this reason, people today prefer to make henna or Mehndi paste for personal use in their own country.

Not all available varieties are infiltrated with PPD or additives, which could cause side effects. It would be much easier if you could test the Mehndi you use by following some of the helpful steps below. If the Mehndi paste turns the skin of the fuselage black in less than half an hour, it may contain PPD.

Even if mixed with a peroxide stain, or if the peroxide is wiped over the Mehndi pattern to bring out the color, it certainly contains a high concentration of PPD and little or no henna. To soothe your body with the most intriguing Mehndi designs, you should be careful about the brand you use. Be sure to buy your Mehndi products from a trusted retailer, and to be safe, prepare your Mehndi to paste yourself at home to avoid deadly combinations that could harm you.

How To Apply HENNA On Hair At Home | How To Mix Henna | Henna Benefits | Henna Hair Care Tips


How To Apply Henna On Hair For Beginners |

How To Colour Your Hair With Henna Naturally At Home |

How to apply henna on hair step by step application method |


How To Apply Henna To Hair At Home |

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