How To Apply Henna At Home Step By Step|| Color Henna At Home Naturally

Hair Dye Henna Style – The Do’s and Don’ts

Although henna is mainly used as a hair dye, it has some very beneficial “side effects”, such as strengthening and thickening the hair, while giving it great shine and luminosity. However, you should remember that the useful type of henna is a pure variety, but you should make sure that before you apply it to your hair, you should do a strand test to determine firstly whether the color you have chosen is suitable, and secondly, how long it will take for henna to actually color your hair in that particular color.

Henna dye usually gives the best results with dark blonde and brunette hair colors, but it can generally be used with most hair colors. But be careful, henna is wonderful for the hair, but it doesn’t go well with other chemical treatments. So if you have recently colored your hair with traditional dyes, colored your hair with a perm, or even plan to permit in the near future, you may want to reconsider using henna. A good rule of thumb would be to wait at least thirty days since your last perm or hair color before using a henna product.

When it comes to henna colors, red is the most popular choice and you will find that this particular colorant not only contains the least amount of additives, but can be used safely and without hesitation, but obviously the purer the henna, the safer it is. Black henna is also good to use as long as it is made with indigo, but a word of warning: avoid black henna PPD (paraphenylenediamine), as the dye it contains can be very harmful.

Some hens also contain metallic salts that can cause your hair to dry out and become brittle. So make sure these are listed on the henna packaging and try to avoid them. If nothing on the package indicates the presence of metal salts, do a henna test to see how your hair reacts. If the coloring fades quickly or the hair becomes brittle as mentioned above, do not use it!

Buying henna products is a problem in itself since the packaging and ingredients listed are confusing (and sometimes misleading). However, you will usually find that the safest form of henna you can buy is the body art version. Henna doesn’t last very long either, but you can freeze it and keep it in a freezer where it usually lasts up to fourteen months without losing too much of its effectiveness.

How To Apply Henna At Home Step By Step|| Color Henna At Home Naturally

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