How I Naturally Color My Hair with Henna : Red Henna on Long Medium/Dark Brown Hair

The Origin and Uses of Henna Tattoo

Henna is a dye extracted from a flowering plant, which is used to dye hair and wool and is also used for Mehndi design. The henna plant has many functions and is used for various traditions, such as ceremonial art for weddings, body jewelry, and for mummification of our ancestors from Egypt, Africa, India, and the Middle East. These traditions and customs may differ from different cultures and regions of origin.

Henna is believed to have a natural healing property that our ancient ancestors used in recent years. The use of henna is beneficial for medical interventions to therapeutically help burns, headaches, ulcers, wounds, and skin diseases. The application of artificial henna paste on the skin has a cooling effect, which protects the skin from certain bacteria and fungi.

Henna can also be used for hair dyeing. In addition to its healing properties, henna is also excellent for treating the scalp and coloring the hair. It is a purely natural hair color that is very gentle and safe for the hair. Henna also promotes hair growth and is a good source of conditioners that strengthen the hair’s roots and give it shine and radiance.

Henna is used for body art. Henna tattooing has been a widespread body art since ancient times and has been used in several important cultures and ceremonies. Throughout antiquity, the use of henna in different designs can convey different meanings or implications to different tribes. Our ancestors paved the way for us to enjoy and use their cultural heritage by decorating and creating creative body art in this modern era. The design patterns could be a sign of good fertility, wisdom, health, happiness, good harvest, and spiritual enlightenment. It is also an opportunity for men and women to use decorative cosmetics to beautify their bodies. A henna tattoo became popular in modern times. It is a great way to express your individuality and personality by having your body painted.

The main advantage of henna tattooing is that you can paint a part of your body with a truly permanent tattoo. Depending on the width and amount of gray henna, it may take some time before the tattoo can be removed. Henna tattoos are very attractive and cool body art that you can wear and display. The designs can be from small, simple to large and mystical, which pleases the eye.

How I Naturally Color My Hair with Henna: Red Henna on Long Medium/Dark Brown Hair

Watch me dye my hair naturally with henna.
I use Light Mountain Red on my naturally medium/dark brown brunette hair.
This is my first touch up in 9 months, so there is a lot of root growth and I touch up the lengths of my hair as well. Below are even more videos about henna. Enjoy.

How I Henna My Hair (super detailed video):

How I Touch Up My Henna Hair:

Henna Hair Playlist:

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